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Make Payments

Accept & receive payments that are PCI compliant within your conversational interface

Video call & Cobrowsing

Solve issues proactively with screen sharing, start video consultations & conduct interviews

Schedule Appointments

Create booking slots with automatic calendar invitations and secure video links

Omni Channel Conversations

Continue the same conversation across all messaging channels like Facebook, WhatsApp

Local language Fluency

Decipher customer requests and respond naturally in 100+ regional languages

Lead Generation & Validation

Engages potential customers 24/7 and converts them into leads, signups & sales

Multimedia & Carousel displays

Create rich response messages using interactive elements like carousels, images, gifs and videos

Personalised Interactions

Greet customers based on past activity & pick up the conversation smoothly from the last interaction

Advanced FAQ Answering

Give prompt & relevant answers from knowledge bases supported by ML-enabled training

Translate Speech & Text

Recognize, translate and capture intent/emotion from voice & text based commands

Customer Intelligence

Collects actionable insights from customer interactions to take actions in real-time

Sentiment Detector

Identifies the sentiment of the incoming request and handles them with required priority

Intent Classifier

Analyzes texts and categorizes them into intents like ‘Purchase’, ‘Upgrade’

User Identifier

Uniquely identify users across browsers, devices & sessions

Issue Prediction & Auto-Resolution

Analyzes past interactions to pick the best response for faster resolution

Conversational Insights

Leverage conversational data to improve customer guidance through the buying funnel

Conversational Training

Combine domain-specific NLP with deep learning models to learn from missed conversations

Agent Insights

Identify patterns so that your agents are always closing with smarter predictions, suggestions, & next best actions.

Analytics Dashboard

Visualise the right agent & chat metrics like missed conversations, response delays, resolution time

API Integrations

Custom API integrations for automated workflows, analytics, ecosystem solutions, and other marketplace apps

Out-of-the box, Into the Fold

Connect your Conversational AI tools to other
channels, intelligence-providing systems,
and backend systems.

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