The Story

Inferior CX costs companies at least $62 billion each year.

Customers are saying “Show me the convenience”.

Customer Pulse

50% say they will switch to a competitor if their time isn’t valued

45% say they abandon purchase, if they can’t find a quick answer

40% say they experience self-service fails

Technology Pulse

56% of support leaders say their current chatbot implementations don’t carry intelligent tools

46% of support leaders say their current tech stacks are hindering goals

41% of support teams are slowed daily - by siloed tools

Behaviour Pulse

Conversation Fatigue
Chatbots without natural conversational tools lowers engagement levels

Digital Fatigue
Customers browse, gain info, read reviews — but they are not convinced to buy.

App Fatigue
Average Person has 119 apps, but uses only five regularly.

People don’t need more apps. They want simpler, smarter ways to get work done in the apps and websites they already use.

Bringing Conversational AI To
Modern Digital Enterprises

Ushering In The IX Future

Intelligent chatbots make apps simple, more
human to use — and create device agnostic
experiences across channels.

To bridge this gap in the market we have built Hitee.

Hitee is a Conversational AI Chatbot with AR based
virtual support, engaging globally.

Where passion drives perfection Hitee

/ हित /


A sanskrit word meaning "Aap ke हित mein" i.e for your welfare "Aap ke हित mein, aapka apna chatbot"


Wellbeing Security Health

Happiness Satisfaction

The Team

Mantra Labs is an AI-driven Products & Solutions Firm. We design and build Intelligent Experiences for
Enterprises. With a team of 225+ technology tinkerers, experimenters and product enthusiasts,
Mantra Labs solves the most pressing problems around the globe.

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